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Cambridge University Science Magazine
The Chicken or the Egg? First Came a Chicken Virus: Celebrating 50 Years of Oncogenes Research
A Giant Vortex of Liquid Light
The Music of Black Holes
The Electrifying World of Energy Harvesting
Cutting Edge: CRISPR/Cas9’s Molecular Scissors
Science Twitter Roundup: February/March 2021
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Stressful Stuff: Is Psychological Stress More Damaging Than We Realise?
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Winter Birds, Lars Jonsson
A Life on Our Planet Narrated by Sir David Attenborough
A stomach-churning discovery
Healing medicine from its gender bias
Making a map of the universe
AI: thinking in three dimensions
Breaking Symmetry: The First Steps from Cell to Being
Study reveals shared developmental programmes underlying psoriasis and eczema
Investing in scientific diversity: Why theoretical arguments aren’t enough
Stalin and the Scientists
Reflecting on a year of pandemic for women in academia
Primates, BBC One
Quick Prediction of Long COVID
Dish Life: The Game – by Pocket Sized Hands
A Spoonful of Jelly Makes the RNA Go Down
Science Twitter Roundup: January 2021
Peanut Butter Diamonds
A Watery Twist to the Dinosaur Tale
The Value of Being Precautious?
Seeing Is Believing: Researchers Use Viral Gene Therapy to Restore Lost Sight
A Vaccine for Your Mind
Science at Speed: Publishing Amidst a Pandemic
All Hands On Deck
Pangolins, Pigs, and Pets: A Recipe for Another Pandemic
Pavilion: Bacterial Art
Science Twitter Roundup: October/November 2020
A Pathogen’s Dilemma: The Virulence-Transmission Trade-Off
Green Space and Public Health
A World Without Antibiotics?
Ion-blocking polymers offer sunny horizons for solar power
New Funding for COVID-19 Genomic Surveillance
Obesity, a Choice or ‘Fat Chance’?
Staying Sane In An Insane World: The Challenge Of Social Distancing
Schrödinger, biology and incredible wit: A physicist’s influential ponderings on life itself
Negative Mass and the Dark Universe