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The Very Hungry Catastrophe Solution Phillipa Samella asks if moth larvae and microbes could be the answer to our plastic prayers?
Running Hot Off the Press: How Medicine is Embracing 3D Bioprinting Sambhavi Kumar dives into the latest medical technologies that could see 3D printers finding their way into our hospitals and clinic.
The Evolutionary Roots of Metabolic Regulation in the Immune System: Tracing the Path from Primordial Mechanisms to Modern Complexity Swetha Kannan discusses the interaction between immune and metabolic processes from an evolutionary perspective.
Unlocking the Gut-Brain Connection: The Invincible Army Modulating Brain Activity Goitseone Thamae shines light on the invincible army modulating brain activity
Keeping Mental Score: This is Your Brain on Music Yuthika Pillai outlines how the brain responds to music and why this is so essential to our lives