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En Clair is a podcast which blends together language and true crime to explore the little- understood world of forensic linguistics. Each episode gives an accessible and fine-grained analysis of the role played by language in various crimes, mysteries, and code-breaking endeavours. The wide range of topics ensures each episode is uniquely interesting. Some of the areas covered include the Yorkshire Ripper, the Pendle Witch Trials, and the infamous diaries of Belle de Jour. The narration is delivered by the insightful, and very funny, Dr Claire Hardacker, a linguist at Lancaster University. The scripts are detailed and nuanced, with Case Notes posted alongside each episode containing sources cited and materials for further reading, should the listener want to dig a little deeper into the cases discussed. Available on most major podcast streaming platforms, En Clair has just finished its first season, consisting of 15 episodes. The second season is currently under construction and will hopefully contain as gripping a series of language mysteries as the first.