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Cambridge University Science Magazine

About BlueSci

BlueSci was established in 2001 to provide a platform for student science communication at the University of Cambridge. Initially run on an online-only basis, the first print only issue was launched in Michaelmas 2004.

We combine high quality writing with stunning images to deliver fascinating yet accessible science to everyone.

We publish the longest running science magazine in Cambridge, releasing a new print issue each Cambridge University term. We also create new and exciting science-related content online and on Spotify.

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The Team

Kristen Burgess
Pranav Addepalli
Amelie Lam
Finance Officer
Katie O' Flaherty
Finance Officer
Emily Birt
Communication Officer
Isabella Romeo
Communication Officer
Clifford Sia
Annusheh Rahim Qureshi
Film Editor
Mitali Gupta
Film Editor
Martha Richmond
Podcast Editor
Merissa Hickman
Social Secretary
Andrea Rogolino
News Editor
Livia Lisi-Vega
Biological Subject Editor
Banat Kaur Chawla
Biological News Editor
Christina Boukouvala
Physics Subject Editor
Coco Taylor Start
Biological News Editor
Art Editor
Abhinayah John
Managing Editor
Mina Nixon
Managing Editor

Contact Us

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