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Cambridge University Science Magazine
Sparrho is a scientific discovery platform that allows you to easily browse through scientific content relevant to you. We aggregate, distil, and recommend the latest information in the form of an easy to read news feed. You can customise the feed based on keywords (protein, field, author, etc) and use it as a homepage. As we understand that science is very personalised, we give you the flexibility to add as many other sources you want (specialised databases, news site, etc). By bringing together all the information, Sparrho is your one-stop shop for scientific discovery, ensuring that you are always on the cutting edge of science.

Sparrho was Co-founded by Vivian Chan, a former PhD student at the Biochemistry department at Cambridge almost a year and a half ago.  Now it has grown and comprises several other Cambridge PhDs, both current and past.

At Sparrho, we recognise that staying on top of all relevant scientific content is still a pain. This frustration led to the creation of Sparrho, which can:
  • Add all the sources you regularly check (journals, patents, conferences, blogs, anything!), the more you add, the more comprehensive your Sparrho will be. We have a list of the existing sources our users have added and if you run into troubles adding a source, there's a quick guide on how to add RSS feeds (a guide to adding more generic urls is coming soon).
  • Tell us what is relevant (love icon) or not relevant (hate icon) to you so Sparrho can learn what new releases to recommend to you in the future
  • Save multiple keywords (topics, protein name, authors, etc), so you can easily browse through all of them at once
  • By placing Sparrho as a homepage, we are able to provide a customised magazine for you. In addition, saving relevant articles to come back to at later times has never been more straight-forward.

Finding an article to discuss at a journal club or a literature review meeting is no longer a burden, let Sparrho help you keep a bird's eye view on your science. Check it out today!

Written by Krit Sitathani.