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Female health research has been chronically underfunded and is merely considered as a niche subset of healthcare, but this is bound to change...

In May 2022, the University of Cambridge hosted the first ever ‘Femtech Venture Creation’ event. Organised by the Judge Business School and the Cambridge Femtech Society, in partnership with Bayer Pharmaceuticals, it brought together students, scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, MBAs, and healthcare professionals to think about disruptive ideas to improve female health using technology (fem-tech).

In teams, participants worked through the first stages of business planning. With a diverse range of concepts, from fertility to period care and comfy high-tech clothing to drug discovery tools, everyone worked tirelessly on their ventures with the guidance of mentors from the Cambridge entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The Bayer Women’s Health talk inspired attendees to think about the future of female health such as meeting needs in endometriosis, uterine fibroids and menopause. Mini-lectures from the Judge Business School expert, Ann Davidson, equipped participants with tool-kits to approach their innovative projects.

The final pitches left the mentors ecstatic with the level of expertise and passion that characterized all involved. Seeing bright minds challenge the status quo in female healthcare was truly a refreshing sign of hope.

Benedetta Spadaro