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Cambridge University Science Magazine

Ever wondered what it is like to be a scientist? The new game by developers Pocket Sized Hands takes the player from being a wide-eyed undergraduate interested in gaining lab experience to fully-fledged professor of stem cell biology.

While the general public may be exposed to nuggets of scientific information, rarely do they get to see behind the curtain. In Dish Life the player has to navigate the many intricacies of research: how to maintain cells and a balanced life, how to communicate with other researchers, how to manage projects on limited time, and so on. Allowing the player to learn about how research science works both on and off the bench makes the game a novel instalment in the mobile gaming app genre, and you can dip in and out of Dish Life as you please.

The gameplay of Dish Life is somewhat repetitive, but it works well for a quick five-minute break. The player has to go through each day in the game by culturing cells, preparing solutions, and performing daily tasks (including rest). Over time the player unlocks more complicated projects and interactions. For those not in academia, the game will provide an opportunity to access the world in a fun and fairly realistic way.