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Cambridge University Science Magazine
Hope Beyond Hype is a short comic which offers general readers a glimpse into the world of stem cell biomedical research. This comic captivates its audience by introducing novel treatments for patients with severe skin conditions or corneal blindness. While these new therapies have inspired an explosion of research, a refreshing twist in the plot explains that new treatments need to pass through meticulous testing and approval processes before they are rolled out.

The authors realistically showcase the vigorous stages of laboratory research, where years of diligent optimisation precede moments of great discovery. While novel scientific breakthroughs are hard-earned achievements worthy of celebration, one must acknowledge that it often takes years to bring clinical innovations from bench to bedside. Innovative treatments have to undergo multiple stages of clinical trials under strict regulations to ensure that patients receive a safe and effective cure.

Unfortunately, rogue clinics which sell ineffective or unsafe stem cell products also operate across the globe. Furthermore, misinformation and overhyping can mislead the general public. To address these problems, this story highlights the importance of dialogue between patient communities, scientists, and policymakers to debunk myths and take hold of true hope. To continue this dialogue, readers are encouraged to visit EuroStemCell’s website, where European Union-funded scientists give independent expert-reviewed information on stem cells.