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The BlueSci committee are pleased to announce that from now on we will be placing all material published by BlueSci, both in our magazines and online, under a Creative Commons licence. One of the founding principles of BlueSci was that it should provide engaging science stories in a way that is accessible to as many people as possible. The Creative Commons licence facilitates this by allowing everyone to share BlueSci materials freely provided that certain conditions are met. These conditions were selected to ensure that all of our contributors receive the recognition they deserve.

The Creative Commons license allows BlueSci material to be used for educational purposes and aligns us with other scientific journals, such as the Public Library of Science, that scientific information should be freely available to everyone. We encourage other science magazines to join us in this exciting new movement.

The new licence means that anyone who reproduces our materials must credit BlueSci when doing so, cannot edit our material before reproducing it, and must not redistribute it for financial gain. For more details see here and full legal details are available here.

The change should not affect your enjoyment of BlueSci in any way; we have simply added the Creative Commons logo to the bottom of every page online and it will also appear in all future issues, starting with the upcoming Issue 22 – Michaelmas 2011.

If you have any further queries please visit the Creative Commons website or contact