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Cambridge University Science Magazine
Brain Connectomics Throughout The Life Outcome: In-Person Conference at the MRC LMB
Review of Rebel Cell: Cancer, Evolution, and the Science of Life by Kat Arney.
Beep-boop: How Brains Struggle to Detect Change During Dementia
What happens when legislation does not catch up with the thriving surrogacy industry?
Weird and Wonderful - The Large Blue(Sci) Butterfly
Valuing Vaginal Variation: Why Size Matters
Tiny Owls and Tiny Snakes: Strangest of Bedfellows?
Seeds of Change: A Diverse History of Agricultural Practices in the UK
Eco-Mining for the Future: The Changing Face of Lithium Extraction
The Dating Game: What Role Does the Major Histocompatibility Complex Play In Sexual Compatibility?
How to Build a Quantum Computer
Where Art Meets Artificial Intelligence
Reinventing Ourselves: What Do Advances in Artificial Intelligence Mean for Truth?
Hedging Your Bets: Is Single Cell Variability Functionally Important?
The Power of Statistics: A Myth of Objectivity
New Perspectives on Bilingualism and its Connection to Dementia
Something To Declare: Australia’s Cane Toad Problem
Seen One Snake, Seen Them All?
Flexibility or Restriction: Five Ways Fixed-Term Contracts Reduce Diversity
Same But Different: A Short History of the Human Genome
Crash Course Big History – CrashCourse
The Codebreaker – Walter Isaacson
Nipponium: An Element Lost in Time
Wilding – Isabella Tree
A Breath of Fresh Air: Needle-Free COVID Vaccine Developed in Cambridge
The Largest Invertebrate of All Time
Glass-Like Super Jelly: A Material for the Future
Calutron girls in the atomic city
Weird and Wonderful: Is ASMR Real?
It’s Getting Hot in Here, so Override Your Chromosomes
What cooperation in climate conservation looks like
The popularisation of science
Clinical Trial Design May Perpetuate Health Inequalities
Scientific Discovery, Imperialism and the Geological Map
Decolonising Natural History Museums
Hidden Figures: The Erasure of Scientific Labour and the Hope of Decolonisation
Following the Science
The ‘Leaky Pipeline’: Is Diverse Representation in STEM a Pipe Dream?
Science ‘Walks on Two Legs’ in Maoist China
What Have We Learnt by Searching for "Gay Genes"?
The Myth of Objectivity
The People in the Trees - Hanya Yanagihara
Review: Letterbox Science
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
Getting to the Heart of COVID-19